About The School


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We have grown tremendously over the years! from 300 pupils to thousands. The story is worth telling

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School Mission

To produce God fearing citizens who are ready to take up the challenges of leadership in a modern Uganda.

School Vision

To produce honest, trust-worthy, sympathetic, patriotic and respectful citizens.

Objectives of Budo Junior School

  • To train responsible future leaders
  • To produce God fearing citizens
  • To produce self reliant citizens
  • To produce people who will conserve and protect the environment, cultural norms of the society
  • To produce citizens who are patriotic
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Why Choose Budo Junior School

We assure that we are the best hands to trust with your child's future.

Academic Excellence

We Have Aced PLE For Decades And Our Old Students Comtinue To Perform ThroughtOut Their Academic Paths

Religious Values

The School Is Built Around A Core Of Religion. Rest Assured We Shall Groom Your Child With Heavenly Instruction.

Spacious Environment

It Feels Like Home...

Wholesome Development

Through A Wide Range Of Co-curricular Activities, We Foster A Holistic Development In Knowledge, Talent And Skills.


A decades-old track record of grooming leaders and inspirations can't be disputed.

Core Values

At the heart of our operations, we are driven by principles to raise a child into a responsible citizen

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